The Golden Age of Internet Media

Today I woke up and did my usual computer routine, opened up Firefox, iTunes, and I of course start out by checking for new podcasts in iTunes and while they download I deal with all of my email, once that is finished I close and move on to Firefox.

After reading some of the items in Google reader I decided to check and see if there was anything new for me to watch in Hulu, only a couple of new episodes but than I realized that I had just downloaded 6 new podcasts. I started to wonder exactly how much new content I have left unwatched/listened to, after adding it all up I found that I had 7 hours and 9 minutes worth of new content for me to watch or listen to.

This truly is a golden age of internet content, the main reason being that podcasts get better and better each day and web services like Hulu are being experimented with by NBC, Fox, and other big media companies.

The idea that I could get over 7 hours of good well produced content baffles the mind. And it isn’t like I have been accumulating shows in Hulu either, all of the shows in my playlist are no more then one day old.

I haven’t even gotten into the shows that I follow online that aren’t available on Hulu, the shows on,, and other online shows that don’t have RSS feeds.

I was  just amazed that so much free content was available that I could literally have too much to deal with. We truly are in a Golden Age (or at least the beginnings of one).

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