Amazon’s Customers Vote Has Some Great Deals!

Amazon is allowing its customers to choose what deals Amazon will be offering. Maybe a Nintendo Wii for $79, or a Playstation 3 for $139, and maybe an Xbox 360 for $99. You get to choose which of those is offered.

Other options include:

Panasonic DSLR for $499, Hi-Def camcorder for $299, or 7MP pocket camera for $74.

Blu-ray player or HD DVD player for $149 or TiVo HD for $89.

Pavilion notebook for $299, GPS system for $99, or useless diamond earrings for $499.

46-inch 1080p LCD TV for $719, useless mixer for $69, or Roomba for $69.

These are some pretty great deals. I’m not sure whether or not I will end up buying any of these items but I will vote for what I want, probably the PS3, the 7MP camera, the Tivo HD, the laptop, and the LCD TV.

Go ahead and vote for what you want and the items will go on sale for those low prices on Thanksgiving day (Nov. 22).

Amazon Customers Vote Homepage

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