$199 Blu-Ray Drive Announced

The format wars have really been heating up in the pricing side of things. The $99 sale of the HD-A2 was just the beginning. But, now you will be able to get yourself a $199 Blu-Ray drive for your PC, it is still far from a stand-alone player but is a step in the right direction for the Blu-Ray side of things.

The name of the drive is the PLDS DH-4O1S, it just goes to show you that the naming conventions in most places are just terrible.

The drive ships with Cyberlink PowerDVD.

If I was building a HTPC this drive would be on my parts list. I have always like the idea of using a single computer to do all of the work that in most houses is done by many different set top boxes.

Read more about the drive, including detailed specs at Gearlog.

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