$199 PC in Wal-Mart, Use the OS on it Today

Wal-Mart has begun selling a $199 PC powered by a Via C7-D Processor and running Linux. The PC is manufactured by Everex and comes with 512MB of DDR2 memory and an 80GB hard drive. The Linux distro running on the computer is called gOS which is based on Ubuntu 7.10.

You can purchase the computer for yourself here.

Since the Operating System (OS) is Open Source you can actually download gOS and put it on a computer of your choice. You can get the ISO for the OS here from the official site or you can download it here at LinuxTracker.org. The ISO is 728MB so it won’t fit on a CD-R but will fit on a DVD-R with plenty of room to spare. gOS comes as a LiveCD so you will be able to play around with gOS before you install it.

(by the way, the g doesn’t stand for Google it stands for Green)

I think that this is a pretty cool idea, I don’t really think that it will sell that well because people who don’t know much about computers will probably be upset if they come home and find something they aren’t accustomed to when they boot up their brand new computer for the first time. But, this is a really neat low-cost computer that I don’t think people should rule out just because of the OS installed.

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