DecentURL, for Decent Sized URLs

So I’ve written about HugeURL which helps you make some pretty long URLs and everyone knows about TinyURL which helps you take a big URL and make it smaller. But, what if you have a really small URL, a really Large URL, or maybe even a really ugly URL that you want to make decent, well, here comes DecentURL.

DecentURL doesn’t really change the size of the URL (although it most likely will), its main purpose is to make URLs that are a little bit more readable.

The example given by the website is this:

turn this
into this

As you can see from the DecentURL the website is “youtube” and the title of the page is “medieval help desk,” pretty nice, huh.

DecentURL will even let you put in a custom title for the page so that you have a little bit more flexibility with the URL that you get.

DecentURL is pretty darn cool and I actually think that it could be handy for times when you need to tell someone a URL over the phone or in similar situations.

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