IMAP Support in Gmail

Gmail has been many peoples favorite email service since it launched. One of the major criticisms against Gmail has always been its lack of IMAP support, well that is all over. Google started rolling out IMAP into Gmail accounts last night, at the time of writing this I do not have IMAP in any of my Gmail accounts but I can point you to a Gmail help document about IMAP showing you that it is indeed true.

How do I enable IMAP? – Gmail Help Doc

This is great news for me, ever since I got my iPhone I’ve been doing a crazy forwarding trick to get sudo IMAP access into my Gmail account but no longer, now I can enable IMAP in my Gmail account and skip the forwarding.

The internet was going crazy last night about this story and at the time of writing this many of the people that I’ve talked to do not yet have IMAP in their accounts, hopefully that will change by the time this post goes up.


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