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One of the things that I found myself doing after the first release of iToner and since then (especially at the time when I found out this way of getting ringtones on the iPhone), was searching online for free MP3s. Now there may be other search engines that can do the same thing but I ended up using this old fashioned solution, Altavista.

Altavista was once one of the top search engines on the internet but has since been overtaken by the all powerful Google. But, I there is one aspect of search where Altavista still stands out in my mind, and that is its ability to search for audio files around the internet.

All you have to do is click the MP3/Audio tab above the search box and now you can search for MP3’s, Wav files, Windows Media files, Real audio files, AIFF, etc. I do understand that there are ways of doing a similar search in Google but I also know that Altavista makes it really easy.

Altavista is how I found practically all of the ringtones that I have added to my phone with iToner. It may be difficult to find some of the popular “songs of today” through this search but you can find practically everything through it. A lot of the audio that I have downloaded through it were theme songs to some of the TV shows that I use to watch as a kid (which I then added to my phone as ringtones).

The only thing that I don’t like about about the search is that the link it gives you is to the web page that the file was found on and not the actual file itself, however Altavista does tell you the name of the file so if you “View Page Source” (in Firefox) you are just a ctrl+f (find) away from downloading the file.

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