Apple Jump the Gun on Avatar Episode?

I absolutely love the TV Show Avatar: the Last Airbender and I know that new episodes come out every Friday at 8:30 but, because I don’t have cable television I watch it through iTunes. Strangely when I woke up this morning an episode of Avatar started to download called “The Beach,” I though to myself “self, why is an episode of  Avatar being downloaded?” I started looking on the interent to see if they had changed the time Avatar was on, and then I realized that the scheduled air date for this episode was tonight at 8:30. I then went into the iTunes store to see if you could actually purchase it and it wasn’t listed.

Somehow those I was capable of downloading it with my season pass, before it aired! I heard of that happening before with another TV Show but I never thought it would happen again!

So I guess that my girlfriend and I will sit down tonight with a bowl of popcorn and watch the newest episode of Avatar at the same time as everyone else in the country, except I don’t have to watch it with commercials.

If anyone knows what exactly happened with this or if it happened to them too, comment. Also, if I happen to be wrong and they actually did change the air date for this episode let me know because I didn’t see any sign on the internet that they changed it.

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