Another Feather in the Cap for HD-DVD

The next generation format war is still raging on with no end in site. My opinion on the matter, when asked by others what I thought, was always to just buy one or the other, in other words, PICK YOUR SIDE. The problem with everyone waiting is that no one is buying either, which means it will just take longer for it to end. If you pick your side and help promote that side by telling your friends and family to do the same it is more likely for it to end (not much but enough to say so).

But now we find out some statistics about HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray from Netflix. According to the stats Netflix users browse Blu-Ray movies 1.8 times more than HD-DVD, but those browsing HD-DVD are 4.4 times more likely to make that their default. Now, keep in mind that only 0.3 percent of Netflix users check out HD titles but it is still another feather in the cap for HD-DVD.

I have always been a little partial towards Blu-Ray because of the studios backing the format, but I have to say that now that you can buy an HD-DVD player for a measly $299 I think that HD-DVD is the format to go with.


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  1. I don’t know, it’s so hard for me to commit or especially tell others. (don’t want them mad at me.) I’ve been in the market since they launched and I have yet to decide for sure on one.

    boo, format wars.

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