McDonalds To Serve WiFi in the UK

The DownloadSquad is reporting that McDonalds restaurants in the UK will be giving free WiFi. Now the DownloadSquad seems to say that the WiFi will only be free for iPhones but I’m not exactly sure if that is true (they didn’t exactly make it clear).

To that I say “great, I love free WiFi.” But, I have to be honest with you my local McDonalds has had free WiFi for everyone for the past year or so. Another thing I’d like to point out to all of those who think this is really cool, I have never used the WiFi at McDonalds, EVER. Why would you want to bring a laptop to McDonalds? I mean, maybe the UK McDonald’s are different then the ones I live near but they aren’t exactly the best places to hang out for long periods of time.

And don’t forget that practically every item on the menu is greasy and no one likes to get grease on there iPhones, or any other gadget for that matter.

I love McDonalds food its fast, its reasonably priced, and it tastes good enough, but we don’t need to bring WiFi into the mix. It is good enough as is.

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