iPhone Firmware 1.1.1 Jailbreak

Yup that’s right the iPhone firmware 1.1.1 has been hacked for 3rd party apps. What does that mean? Well…

  1. Current third party apps will be able to run on the iPhone, most of them can probably run just by recompiling the app.
  2. For now only 15 icons can be added to Springboard the way it is being done now.
  3. Many apps have been tested and are working fine.
  4. All of the hacks seem to rely on a single TIFF exploit in Mobile Safari, which means that it most likely could be easily fixed by Apple in another firmware upgrade.
  5. Don’t upgrade to 1.1.1 yet if you rely on any 3rd party apps in your iPhone, it isn’t quite ready for just anyone to do.
  6. The dev team is still far off from an easy application like AppTapp to install your apps but it presumably would be coming in the next month or so.

This probably means that all of you out there that are sick of iPhone news are still a couple of months off from getting a break from all of the iPhone craziness.

I’m not exactly too excited about this, the only thing I want from my iPhone that it doesn’t do is the ability for me to make my own ringtones without having to pay any money. If these hacks can give Ambrosia some more information about how to get iToner working again I will be plenty happy.

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