640GB Flash Drive for $19,000

This drive is one heck of a performer, with read speeds of 800MB/sec and write speeds at 600MB/sec, you will surely be booting your computer quite quickly.

The drive is being made by Fusion io and is actually built on a PCIe card and will be offered at 640GB, 320GB, 160GB, and 80GB capacities next year.

I know the price is $30 per GB but for a 80GB drive with that kind of performance for the low low price of $2400, how could you go wrong?

I won’t be buying this because I would rather get my 80GB drives for $60 as just a regular old fashioned hard drive, I don’t really need my drives to be built on flash technology. I don’t do anything that would need such a fast hard drive but I’ll tell you what I wouldn’t mind booting my computer faster but I don’t think it is worth that kind of money. It is a great step but until the price comes down I don’t really see many people buying it.

Fusion io

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