CyberSurge Redesign in the Works

I’ve been playing around with a few ideas of how I could redesign the blog a bit. I think I’ve figured out some decent ideas and hope to start changing some things soon. I can’t mention any hard dates when things will be implemented (mostly because I’m not very good at web design) but I really hope that things come out really well.

I’ve had this on my list of things to do for quite some time and I’m very excited to actually begin working on it. I love this theme a lot but I have begun seeing it around the blogosphere a lot more lately and figured it was time to have a change. The new design won’t be much of a change, it will still be based on this theme but you should see a new header image, footer, and maybe some changes to the sidebar as well, I’m still in the beginning stages of working on things but figured I would let all of you know as just sort of a heads up.

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  1. Yeah, I’ve been seeing it some as well, although truthfully, it is probably my favorite theme that is available out there for download.

    Anyway, thats probably gonna happen no matter what theme you end up going with. Its probably better to take an existing theme, and just customize a few areas to give it the custom look you want.

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