NBC Adds Two New Shows To iTunes

A few weeks ago NBC decided to cancel its contract with Apple but apparently the relationship isn’t completely over. Chuck and Journeyman have been added to the iTunes Store and you can buy a season pass for them for $39.99 each. Each show will have 13 episodes each, this means that they will finish up their season by December only to be pulled off very shortly afterwards, that is unless NBC and Apple come up with a new contract.

It is pretty obvious to me that NBC is only going through this brouhaha because they want to get a better deal with Apple. I don’t really think that it will work but I do think that NBC is being incredibly stupid. How the heck am I going to be able to watch the Office this year? I guess I’m going to have to inconvenience myself by watching it live or have one of my friends with a DVR record it for me and I’ll come over and watch. I don’t expect that this will last long, at least I hope.

Chuck in iTunes
Journeyman in iTunes

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  1. journeyman looks pretty good.

    anyways nbc and apple should stop being anal and just keep everything the way it was because that’s what the customers want…none of this inconvenience crap.

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