Amazon MP3 Launches

Amazon has launched there own music store called Amazon MP3. It is very similar to a lot of other music stores out there, but the pricing sounds really cool. $0.89 – $0.99 for songs and as low as $4.99 per album. If you didn’t figure it out by the name, all of the music is DRM free MP3 format.

When you purchase your first track you have to download and install the Amazon MP3 Downloader which will download the tracks for you, after they are downloaded they will automatically get pushed to your iTunes or Windows Media Player Library (really cool). is number 3 in the list of top music sellers so I think that it is possible that they could give iTunes a run for there money, that is if Amazon gets a hold of the top music labels (currently it seems the biggest music label is EMI). But, none the less this seems like a natural thing for Amazon to do and I hope that it is successful, like I always say, more competition is always good for the consumer.

Amazon MP3


  1. I tried it out tonight, but I just don’t get it. Why force us to install an extra app? (Although I do applaud Amazon for launching with Mac support.) I don’t want to have this extra step. In iTunes it really is seamless. I’m sticking with iTunes.

  2. The extra app is there so that the MP3’s can be automatically added to either iTunes or Windows Media Player. Although I haven’t tried it out yet, I really do like the fact that a lot of the music is so much cheaper then in iTunes.

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