OLPC to Offer Consumers Laptops for $400

OLPC will offer consumers in developed countries an opportunity to purchase the OLPC for themselves and at the same time pay for one to be given to 3rd world countries. The price will be $400 and I think that this is a great thing. The ability to get a low cost laptop for yourself, obviously just something for you to play around on, and at the same time pay for one to be sent to a 3rd world country is great. I don’t know how many people will exactly jump at the offer but it is a good option for parents who want to give there children laptops but don’t want to have to worry about it being for games or that they will have to deal with spyware/viruses.

This is however a contradiction to statements made previously by the organization behind the whole thing.

“contrary to previously published reports, OLPC has no plans to make the XO laptops available for sale to the general public” -OLPC representative (statement made in January)

Even if it is a contradiction I do think that this offer will really help get these laptops in the hands of children all over the world.


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