iPod Touch Available in Some Apple Stores

The iPod Touch has begun to show up at Apple Stores and there has been a slew of information about it showing up all around the Internet.

The iPod Touch user guide has shown up on the Internet, you can download it here.

PC Magazine got a hold of an iPod Touch and did a great review of it which you can find here.

“These are not cheap devices, especially considering the storage limitations. Still, when you factor in the slick interface, the elegant Web browser, the beautiful glass display, and the seamless integration of the Wi-Fi music store, the Apple iPod touch is worth the price. No portable media player has ever done this much so easily, or looked so good doing it.”

Unboxing pictures? Oh yes, they are out, you can see all of the unboxing pics here.

Any hacks yet? Of course there are hacks already, because the iPod Touch essentially uses the same software as the iPhone it was very easy to get the hacks going. More about iPod Touch hacking here.

Here is a video of the iPod Touch in action, done by the same person who uploaded the unboxing pics.

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