Microsoft Presents $59.95 Microsoft Office to Students

Microsoft has started “The Ultimate Steal” which is a way for students to get Microsoft Office on the cheap, $59.95 for Office Ultimate 2007 to be exact.

This is a really smart idea, especially since most students will resort to piracy to get the software, but at $59.95 I think that they would be willing to pay. If you go to The Ultimate Steal homepage, you will see a countdown and a box to input your email address, then Microsoft will let you know when the offer is available.

I have gone to the website a few times yesterday and the countdown seems to keep resetting, when I first went there the timer was set at 54 minutes or so but looking at it now it says over 13 hours. This may be a limited offer and that could be why this is happening but, what the heck?

I’m really glad that Microsoft has finally realized that lowering prices is the best way to combat piracy, compete with it don’t try to kill it with legal action.

The offer ends on April 30, 2008 so you don’t need to rush but I would suggest that every student that can muster up $60 should jump on this opportunity.

The Ultimate Steal

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