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Packet 8 offers a wide variety of hosted iPBX small business phone services. I don’t exactly have a small business but I don’t think that it is impossible for it to happen, I’ve always wanted to open my own PC shop so I’ll do a little bit of dream shopping and let you guys know what I would get if I was looking for some VOIP service from Packet 8.

I would purchase the Virtual Attendant plan, because then when you called my business you would get a list of numbers and what they bring you to, such as 1 for sales, 2 for support, or 3 for billing. I would also choose it because of its price, $14.99 per month plus $9.99 for activation, not too shabby.

Packet8 also offers video phone services for residential customers. You could always go with something like Skype but who wants to deal with installing software, configuring, software, and dealing with all of that confusion when you could just purchase a Packet8 video phone and phone service and your off and running.

I encourage you all to head on over to their website and check out all of their services, they look pretty cool.

This post was sponsored by Packet8.

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