7 Apple News Stories in One!

Ever since the Wednesday Apple event I have been reading Apple news up to my ears and you probably have to, but I’m going to do a quick rundown of some of the latest stories just to get them out of the way and so they don’t have to be individual posts.

The 16GB iPod Touch and 8GB iPod Touch are now available for pre-order on Amazon.com saying that the product release date is September 30th.

First up we have video evidence of the iPhone SIM Free software unlocking the iPhone. This video comes from Gizmodo and even though it is poorly done and quite annoying that the maker of the video has to keep saying “right” and “okay,” it still proves its point.

Apple Gazette is reporting that the new iPods (Nanos and Classics) are locking video out to only work with certain products, that doesn’t include the previous iPod AV cables. You have to purchase the new composite or component cables to output video from your new iPod to your TV. This is pretty annoying, I was planning on buying an iPod Nano and the fact that I have to spend another $50 on new cables if I want to output to my TV is really frustrating me. Apple has released a support document attempting to clear up some of the confusion on what products work with what iPod but I’ll be honest with you, I’m still completely confused (I am currently under the impression that if I use my iPod universal dock and my old av cables it may still work but who the heck knows).

Apple is supposedly trying to convince networks to go for a lower price on TV shows. According to Gizmodo Apple wants networks to agree to sell their TV shows at $0.99 a pop down from $1.99 that they are currently set at. This comes right on the heels of NBC announcing that they are pulling their shows off of the iTunes store. I’m not sure if this is true but I will say that at $0.99 I would buy all of my TV shows from iTunes, forget watching them on TV I’d rather watch them when I want to watch them, spending $20 for an entire season would be awesome.

David Watanabe uploaded a screenshot onto flickr of what appears to be confirmation that iTunes will soon have movie rentals. It was found when trying to report a problem to iTunes, “this pop-up for selecting a reason contains some interesting/revealing strings… looks like “RentalMovies” will be coming to the iTunes store.”

The iTunes free ringtones workaround was killed in iTunes 7.4.1 but apparently you can still get it to work by just changing the file extension a second time. I will still be sticking with iToner because it is much easier then going through all of this rigmarole.

The 3G iPhone with 16GB may be set to launch in Europe come November. Electronista is claiming that a leaked T-Mobile ad has unofficially confirmed this. I personally don’t really care about this because I already have an iPhone, don’t care about 3G, and don’t live in Europe, but if you live in Europe then you do care and should be excited, if not, then that’s okay.

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