Apple Releases iTunes 7.4 and 7.4.1

Trust me I’m really sorry that the only interesting news is Apple related but I feel that it is my duty to talk about it.

Apple released iTunes 7.4 and the next day released iTunes 7.4.1. I’m assuming that the 7.4.1 update fixed some bugs in 7.4.

iTunes 7.4 and 7.4.1 adds Ringtone functionality to the iPhone which is great but who wants to spend $0.99 on a ringtone? Not me. I would suggest using iToner (which was broken with 7.4 but they have since released 1.0.1 and fixed the problem) iToner is extremely easy to use, just drag and drop audio files into the window and then sync it.

Now many have found out that there is another way to add ringtones to the iPhone without paying any money at all, just changing the extension of an AAC file to m4r and then double clicking on it should allow you to sync it to your iPhone. This did work with iTunes 7.4 but with the update to 7.4.1 it no longer works. So I guess that iToner is the only option for those who don’t want to hack their phone for cheap ringtones.

If you haven’t updated to iTunes 7.4.1 yet you can download it here.

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