The Results Are in – The Beat Goes On Announcement

The new iPod Lineup, iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, and iPod Classic. The iPod Shuffle in new colors. The iPod Nano with video playback capability, video output to a television through component or composite cables, new user interface, super small, and 4GB($149) and 8GB($199) capacities. The iPod Classic with the same new user interface as the nano, video output over component and composite, 80GB($249) and 160GB($349).

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The iPod Touch, basically the iPhone without the phone or the camera (or the EDGE network), capacities are 8GB($299) and 16GB($399). The iPhone, ringtones and a new price point $399. The addition to both of these is the iTunes wifi store, purchase music as long as you have a data connection. Also Apple has teamed with Starbucks to bring you the ability to purchase songs that are playing at the Starbucks you are sitting at, if you are connecting via Wifi to a participating Starbucks an extra button will show up in the iTunes Wifi store that allow you to see what is playing and the last 10 songs played and purchase them with one tap.

Watch the full keynote address here.

iPod Nano Ad:

iPod Touch Guided Tour:
Part 1

Part 2

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