Oh Steve Jobs, You Mastermind

Steve Jobs is really a genius, think about it, Releasing a product at $599, then lowering the price 68 days later which angers everyone who purchased it beforehand, then you issue store credit for all of the customers who payed the $599, but it is only for half of the price drop. Even though it is half the price drop all of the customers who were incredibly upset (including me) are extremely happy now.

So Apple decided to give $100 to the iPhone owners who were early adopters. I’m glad that I’m at least going to get something for my services as a beta tester.

I don’t know exactly what I’m going to buy with my $100, I might put it towards the Apple Bluetooth headset or maybe one of the new iPod Nanos, I just don’t know. If anybody already knows how they plan to spend their $100 leave a comment and maybe it will help me get some ideas.

Apple – To all iPhone customers


  1. I’m thinking an iPod classic or an iPod nano. I have to get them both in my hands first before I choose which one. Or, Leopard does come out next month… but I already get an EDU discount on that.

  2. it’s great that he’s giving back some of the money but i still say it’s a scam. of course he’s going to give you store credit as soon as the new versions of ipods come out, that way it will look good for him. how come the people that bought the iphone 2 months ago can’t get the whole $200?


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