AMD Prices Barcelona Chips

AMD’s Barcelona chips should be showing up on Sep. 10th. These new Quad-Core chips should be quite a bit faster then the previous Opteron chips.

The pricing is as follows:
2350, 2.0 GHz, 95W, $372
2347, 1.9GHz, 95W, $312
2347 HE, 1.9GHz, 68W, $372
2346 HE, 1.8GHz, 68W, $251
2344 HE, 1.7GHz, 68W, $206
8350, 2.0GHz, 95W, $1004
8347, 1.9GHz, 95W, $774
8347 HE, 1.9GHz, 68W, $861
8346 HE, 1.8GHz, 68W, $688

I have high hopes for these chips, they will really give us a taste of what to expect from the Phenom processors coming out later this year. I just hope that Intel’s Tigerton doesn’t out perform it.

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