Palm Cancels the Foleo

This is something that I just did not expect at all:

“In the course of the past several months, it has become clear that the right path for Palm is to offer a single, consistent user experience around this new platform design and a single focus for our platform development efforts. To that end, and after careful deliberation, I have decided to cancel the Foleo mobile companion product in its current configuration and focus all of our energies on delivering out next generation platform and the first smartphones that will bring this platform to market,” Colligan wrote on Palm’s blog.

This just amazes me, and I don’t understand why I seemed to be the only one in the world who would have enjoyed this device. Think of the Foleo this way, it is the iPhone with a real keyboard, a much larger screen, and without the worry of it getting scratched or the screen shattering.

I do think that their reason is good, focus on a single platform, but I also think that for most people the Foleo was pretty much the only thing that you would need throughout the day. As long as you have a browser you can pretty much do anything.

I hope that the Palm Foleo isn’t completely gone for good, hopefully they will bring it back in the future and add some cool new features to it. (I don’t think that that will happen but I do think that it should happen).

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