Startup Schwag, Geek T-Shirt of the Month Club

Startup Schwag is a startup that gives a great service to geeks. You pay them $14.95 (plus shipping) per month and they will send you a t-shirt every month (and sometimes stickers and other stuff).

This sounds absolutely awesome! It would be very hard for me to get startup t-shirts because of where I live (not even close to Silicon Vally) and I don’t really want to spend the time to go around and find all the shirts on a bunch of different websites. The price is also awesome, $14.95 is the same price as any other shirt so instead of having to go out and pick out a shirt, this service will send you a new shirt every month.

I do want to mention a little more about the (plus shipping) from above. The service is available pretty much anywhere you live, shipping in the US is $4.60, Canada and Mexico is $8.55, international is $10.45. But, even with shipping it is a great deal.

Startup Schwag

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