Digg Gets Picture Section

Digg has been needing a pictures section for an extremely long time and finally one of its users has decided to create on himself.

It is in the form of digpicz.com, it basically aggregates all of the stories on digg with the “pic,” “pics,” “image,” etc. in the title then gives it to you in a digg-like fashion even allowing you to digg the pictures from within digpicz.com.

Similar to Digg’s top ten sections in the sidebar digpicz also has “top ten posters” and “top ten hosts” showing you who is submitting the most pictures to digg and showing you who is hosting most of those pictures.

This may just show you that digg may be getting too big, that they can’t respond to their users needs as fast as they used to. That isn’t good for digg, but is very good for its users with coding ability, especially since Digg has such a great API.


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