Links of Interest 9/1/07

Kicking off the new month I should let you all know that technology news has been picking up steam the last week or so. August is traditionally the slow month when it comes to tech news, people go on vacation and generally there are few people on the internet compared to other months. September 1st marks the end of all of this and I decided to do a link post since it is getting to the point where I can’t write about every single news story happening, instead I’ll let others talk about the less interesting and I’ll talk about the more interesting.

VoIP phones officially buggable – theInquirer
Acer-Gateway deal poses threat to Lenovo – EETimes
Buy a Toshiba HD DVD player on Amazon and score eight free movies – Engadget
CPUZ 1.41 Detects Phenom X4 Correctly – VR-Zone

Let’s also take a look at some of the most popular posts for this month here at CyberSurge:

  1. September 5th Apple Event – Confirmed
  2. Nvidia Geforce 9800 Gets a Mention
  3. WiTV Another Joost Competitor

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