NBC Cancels iTunes Contract UPDATE

NBC has decided not to renew their contract with Apple for selling TV shows in iTunes. This upsets me because I have about 50 TV show episodes from iTunes and around 35 of them are from NBC. The Office and My Name is Earl are just a couple of my favorites.

NBC has started a website with Fox called Hulu which will be a YouTube-like website. Hulu has not yet launched but is in beta. NBC content will continue to be in iTunes until December but I think it is very dumb of NBC to take their content off iTunes.

I understand that NBC wants more money, everyone would like more money, but it is a little weird that they would decide to completely remove their stuff from iTunes, especially since many people believe that The Office was saved due to sales of its shows on iTunes.

Let’s hope that NBC decides to put their stuff back on iTunes eventually because I need a place to legally watch episodes of shows that I happen miss.

UPDATE: Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge wrote a great Open Letter to NBC, I urge all of you to read it because it is very well written and brings up some great points on this topic.

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