Nvidia G92 Set for November

Nividia will soon be announcing a new mid-range graphics chip, the G92. The chip is set to launch on November 12th of this year. The G92 is going to be replace the Geforce 8800GTS graphics cards.

The G92 will have support for PCIe 2.0, HDMI, and Display Port.

I am rather excited for the G92 chip. I’ve been thinking about building a new PC for some upcoming games (Spore and Crysis) and the mid-range graphics cards are definitely in my price range.

No news about the G98 which is the upcoming entry level chip but I would guess that you will see it sometime before mid-Q1 ’08.


According to theInquirer, DigiTimes is wrong about the G92 being a mid-range chip. theInquirer says that this is absolutely not true.

“This baby sports some serious shading power, but more important is the fact that the memory installed on board is now GDDR4. 768MB of GDDR4, to be more precise. The amount of memory discards rumours of 256-bit bus, since it is obvious that Nvidia will keep 384-bit memory controller for the high-end series of products. We would welcome this memory controller in mainstream arena, though.”

Sorry for the mix up, I’m not sure exactly who to believe but I will say that if the G92 was a mid range chip then Nvidia was dumb to name it the G92. Looks like I’ve got conflicting stories here, I’ll let you guys know when it gets straightened out. Until then decide for yourself.


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