Digg.com Site Redesign

Digg.com got a nice redesign. I actually think that Digg is adding features that don’t necessarily need to be there and completely missing the most important feature, an image section. The features that they have added include an “All” tab and cleaned up navigation. I personally don’t really like the new site design. I think that the header on digg has gotten uglier and uglier with each design “upgrade.”

There is another feature which I think needs to be added and that is a “related links” box next to the digg story.

Instead of having a graphical ad they can have a list of links that are suggested by diggers as related to the story that they are currently viewing, it will also display 1 or 2 text ads displayed either site wide or category wide. This way Digg can keep generating revenue but also add some value to the users.

A lot of times I will see links in the comments, if Digg added this “related links” box it would separate commentary by diggers from other resources of information about the stories topic. The text ads would also be sitting right next to actual content instead of floating in the middle of no where as the current ads are. Of course the ads would be clearly labeled.

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