Back from a Wonderful Weekend

As some of you know I wasn’t home over the weekend. I was actually at a wedding, but that isn’t really technology related. What is is really my lack of what was going on over the weekend on the internet. I was in the wedding so had a few major responsibilities and subsequently wasn’t able to keep up with the large stream of news flowing through the pipes. I was able to come up with a couple of posts for Saturday but when I got back home I found myself with a stock pile of RSS updates to read. Luckily I have friends online who were able to keep up with the news.

When I got home one of the first Twitter updates I did was saying that I didn’t know what all went on over the weekend in the technology news space. Within just a few minutes one of my Twitter friends 4ndr3w said this:

Well.. Seagate might get sold to China, Phat nano, BioShock DRM, Halo 3 gone gold, Google doing it’s own linux, and WGA down.”

Let me just give a small sentence or two about each one so that all you readers will be able to know what I think of each.

Seagate might get sold to China – I understand why the federal government would be worried but I also think that they shouldn’t really be worried. There are tons of technology companies in China and you don’t see any problems with Americans buying them. If this sale did happen it would leave Western Digital as the only American disk maker left. I personally have trusted my money with Western Digital and I actually only purchase Western Digital drives. The only hard drive in my house that isn’t made by Western Digital came inside of my MacBook.

Phat Nano – I talked about the “phat nano” here.

BioShock DRM – If you don’t purchase the Steam version of BioShock then when you install it it will also install a program called SecuROM. SecuROM is a copy protection scheme to keep one copy of the game from being installed on separate computers. The issue that I’ve read about causes the game to be either uninstallable or when you uninstall it from one computer you aren’t able to install it on another computer at all. I think this is ridiculous. Whatever happened to just checking for the disk in the drive and making the disk un-copyable, wasn’t that enough? (I can’t believe I’m actually wishing for copy protection at all, but I would at least be relieved to know that as long as I had the disk there would never be a problem.)

Halo 3 gone gold – Here is what I think: cool. Did that sound a little unenthusiastic? Well that is because Halo hasn’t been cool since the first game, even then only on the PC and the single player mode isn’t all that great, I HATE online multiplayer. If I want to play with other people I want to actually know them and have them in the same room. (I also don’t have an XBox 360)

Google doing it’s own linuxI actually wasn’t able to find the source of this story. I couldn’t find anything recent, all of the stories I was finding were just speculation from a few months back. I’m going to direct message 4ndr3w and see if I can get a link to the story. I found the story, it basically just confirms that Google says that they have been fiddling around with making a “Goobuntu” linux distro. I don’t really think it will amount to anything but if this distro does get released to the public it will most likely have all of the Google apps integrated into the operating system. Google Desktop, Google Calendar, Gmail, etc. I think it will be cool but I don’t really see it going anywhere, a stock set up of Ubuntu is already cool enough.

WGA down – I am extremely glad that it finally came back up, I just wonder exactly how many people were affected by this. It is completely rediculous and this is exactly what will happen with all of these terribly inplemented copy protection schemes, THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

So there you have it, it was a long weekend for me (a fun one but it was still long) and seemed to be an eventful tech news weekend as well.

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