Cellfish: Joey With Much More Features

Cellfish.com is actually fairly similar to Joey in which you are able to throw videos, images, and music to your “Digital Locker.” Some of the stuff in your digital locker can be shown to the public or you can have it private. Being able to not only share the files with your phone but also share it with friends is a great feature over Joey.

I uploaded a couple of things to my locker including this picture:

Cellfish allows you to Download Ringtones onto phone which of course didn’t work with my phone since I have an iPhone but the video features are fairly robust allowing you to upload a video from your computer or give Cellfish.com a link to a YouTube video that it will grab and make available to you.

All in all I think Cellfish.com is really cool (much cooler then joey however joey is in very early stages). I’m not sure how exactly I would use it but I probably would be able to get more use out of it if I had a different phone. The iPhone really makes this service less useful. The Download Ringtones feature won’t work until Apple makes custom ringtones available.

The service is completely free and is at least worth a look. The service does text message you almost every time you do anything so keep that in mind. You can stop the text messages by texting STOP to them but I wish there was a check box while signing up that allowed me to choose whether or not I wanted the messages.

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