Wii Gets DVD Playback Using Mod Chip

The Nintendo Wii is capable of reading DVDs because every game made for the Wii is pressed on DVDs but the Nintendo Wii cannot play DVD movies. Well a few hackers have been able to unlock DVD playback on the Wii. Symbiote has released a software player for the Wii, which requires users to have a mod chip installed in the machine.

The hack includes burning the application to a disc with CloneCD and then running it in the modded Wii. The Wii recognizes it as a Gamecube game and then allows you to remove the application disc to replace it with a DVD. Nintendo does plan to release a DVD player application for the Wii but for now you will have to go the illegal route if you plan on doing it (I would suggest just spending $30 on a cheap DVD player though).

DailyTech – Wii DVD Playback Enabled, kind of

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