Downgrading to Firefox 1.5

As many of you Mac users know Firefox 2 is one of the buggiest applications for OS X. I personally was having 5-10 crashes per day and that doesn’t mean that it would beach ball for a few seconds and then it would work again, no, Firefox would just completely crash!

So after dealing with a horribly buggy browser for months I’ve finally become absolutely fed up with it! I could have switched to Opera, Safari, or Camino but I decided to switch back to Firefox 1.5. After using it all day yesterday it is so much more stable then 2.0 and even though 2.0 added many cool features I don’t miss them at all.

It wasn’t exactly an easy downgrade though, I had to deal with all of my bookmarks disappearing on me. I’m not sure how this happened because Firefox makes it very easy to switch versions because all of the bookmarks and settings are stored within the Library folder.

I think the problem came in when I downloaded Firefox instead of the latest release which is After installing I realized I downloaded the wrong version then installed That is when my Bookmarks disappeared. Luckily I didn’t have too many bookmarks and was able to rebuild them from memory but it was definitely an inconvenience.

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