Why the Nintendo Wii is so Successful

I’m not going to make this too complicated and I’m not going to talk about it too much either. I haven’t really seen anyone put into words exactly why the Nintendo Wii is so successful. Most people say it is because they are making a game console that non-gamers think is fun and although that is true that isn’t the root of the answer.

The real answer is that Nintendo is making the Wii an entrance point for new gamers. Since the NES there hasn’t really been a simple game console that had simple games with few buttons. After the NES the only real simple entrance point for new gamers was little flash games on the PC, the problem is that that isn’t the same experience and those who started on flash games were still to intimidated by the amount of buttons on the consoles controllers.

The Nintendo Wii is an entrance for gamers who haven’t been trained for years on controllers with an increasing amount of buttons every few years. The Wii is simple enough for anyone to play but not only that, it is also getting people into gaming that wouldn’t normal have gotten into it. This opens up a new market for these new gamers to graduate up to more and more complicated controllers.

I do want to mention that what finally helped me with this revelation was the most recent episode of the Totally Rad Show which didn’t exactly put it into words very well either but helped me put it into its simplest terms.

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