Why Do You Use Google?

I was looking around on Google’s web site recently and found a page titled: Benefits of Google Search. I thought to myself “self, why do you use Google Search.” The answer was obvious, because it is the best search I’ve ever used, but, it isn’t like I haven’t used other search engines, I just recently spent a few days looking at other search engines and sure enough, Google was still the best.

Then I was curious, what does Google say to be the benefits of using Google?

  1. Your search covers billions of URLs.
  2. You’ll see only pages that are relevant to the terms you type.
  3. The position of your search terms is treated with respect.
  4. You see what you’re getting before you click.
  5. You can feel lucky and save time doing it.
  6. You can get it, even when it’s gone.

These are all pretty good reasons. I do think that it is funny that they even still have the “I’m feeling lucky” button, let’s be honest who actually using that stupid button?

Benefits of Google Search

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