Google Adds StarOffice into Google Pack, and Who Cares?

Recently there was a buzz around the blogosphere about Google adding StarOffice being added to the Google Pack.

My question is: Who Cares?

I don’t know anyone who downloads the Google pack and I don’t know why anyone would. Out of the 12 programs in the Google pack I would only suggest people use 4 of them, Google Earth, Firefox, Skype, and Picasa. Why wouldn’t you just download them separately? Alright maybe if you have a family member who isn’t so tech savvy you can just tell them to download the Google pack but who actively goes out and downloads it?

Ok so let’s get to StarOffice, StarOffice is basically with some proprietary stuff in it. So why wouldn’t you get OpenOffice? OpenOffice is actually my favorite office suite out there, I like Microsoft Office 2007 but I hate the price.

So I guess my major issue with this news is, who downloads the Google pack?

[Google Pack Adds StarOffice – Google Operating System]

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