How Would I Change The AppleTV?

Engadget asked a simple question yesterday, I never really gave the question much thought but the problem is, it was hard for me to come up with answers.

“How would you change the AppleTV?”

The first thing that came to mind after a few minutes of thinking was the addition of Joost. Yes I know that there is YouTube in it, but who wants to watch the evolution of dance all day? Not me. Joost doesn’t exactly have the best content either but they do have a great simple to use interface that already works with the Apple remote and at least they have some potential for great content.

I spent quite some time thinking about it after that and the only other thing that I thought of was the ability to download podcasts directly to the AppleTV. When you have an AppleTV you would like to get the highest quality downloads of your podcasts but if you don’t know where you are going to watch it (iPod or AppleTV) you either end up subscribing to two formats of the podcast or only subscribing to the smaller version. I don’t want to watch 640×480 (or smaller) video through my AppleTV, it looks terrible on my HDTV.

Only two things came to mind but I think they are good things. forget everything else, if I can get these two things I would sure be happy.

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