Google Shared Storage

“Google now offers a way to purchase more storage space to use with some Google services (currently Gmail and Picasa Web Albums). This extra storage acts as overflow when you run out of free storage space in either service. If you’ve filled your free storage (2.8 GB and counting for Gmail or 1 GB for Picasa Web Albums), you’ll automatically use your purchased space to store more pictures and messages up to your new storage limit.”

So Google has begun charging for storage in its services. That surprises me since I figured that Google would just continue to give you more and more storage for free like they have been since they launched it. The pricing is pretty good starting at $20 per year for an extra 6GB of storage.

I won’t be purchasing it however because I am only using 5% of my Gmail storage and I’m not even using Picasa so it wouldn’t be worth it for me. But if you are tight on storage space you can go purchase more storage at the link below.

Purchase Storage

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