Barcelona Launching September 10

AMD’s much anticipated Barelona Quad-Core processors will finally be launching on September 10th. AMD has achieved yields as high as they have with their dual-core processors so they expect to have good availability only a few days after the launch party.

The first processors based on Barcelona will be available at 2.0GHz but faster chips will be available soon afterwards. The desktop version of Barcelona which is named Phenom will be available in the 4th quarter of this year.

This is great news for AMD because they have been behind Intel for quite sometime now. I think it was extremely important for AMD to launch these quad-cores before the end of this year and certainly the Phenom chips by Christmas time. With it being available before Christmas, shoppers will undoubtedly be told by computer ads featuring AMD processors that AMD is the only one with “true quad-core processors,” a great way to market of course.

I really hope that these chips perform, if they don’t AMD is in real trouble.

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