Quick Mention About Yesterdays Event (And a cool iPhone App)

I don’t plan on going too in depth about the goings on yesterday in Cupertino but I do think I should make a mention of it. I’m just going to go through a little run down on what happened and a small bit about what I think of it. I understand fully that there is no way I will be able to present this to you better then Steve Jobs can so if you have the time (about 1hr 11min) you can watch the video of Steve’s presentation here.

Airport Extreme

Airport extreme updated to include Gigabit Ethernet. A much needed improvement since every Mac comes with Gigabit Ethernet. I don’t know why this wasn’t there to begin with, it was with the previous version of the Airport Extreme


10GB of online storage, 1GB was a joke. New web gallery features for video and pictures (kind of cool, I wouldn’t get much use out of it because I prefer YouTube and Flickr). I also heard that the .mac email now features server side spam filtering.


iWork ’08 is pretty darn cool I actually think this is something I might purchase myself (never bought previous version of iWork). There is also a free trial of iWork ’08 available on Apple.com however I have not been able to find it since I downloaded it myself, it seems to be extremely difficult to find.

I found a link to it through digg it is here.


Updates to iPhoto including the addition of Events, similar to albums except it is figured out for you, all the pictures that are taken on the same day are put into one event. Updates to iMovie that make it even easier to create movies very quickly. iWeb has gotten an upgrade, I’m not going to say much because I personally believe that no one should use iWeb. Garage Band also got some updates.

iMac and Mac Mini

I’m going to talk about them together because I feel like they should be. The iMac no longer has a $999 version. It is obvious to me that they got rid of that model of the iMac because it was hurting sales of the Mac Mini. Why would you spend $599 on a computer when you could get one dramatically better, with a monitor and a keyboard and mouse for only $400 more. I personally think that the Mac Mini should come with the wired keyboard and mouse standard instead of making you pay for them. I feel like every other computer manufacturer will give you the keyboard and mouse and Apple doesn’t seem to want to.

On another Apple related note

I felt like I should let you all know that Duck Hunt has been released for the iPhone, not under the emulator but a web application that is playable in Safari. I have tried it out and it is kind of hard to hit the ducks, you almost have to shoot in front of them instead of directly on them. Anyway it was something that I found extremely cool and one of the things that you can show off to people when they want to see what your iPhone can do.

Check out Duck Hunt in Lyteframe
Direct Link to the app

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