AMD Starts Website Against Intel

“AMD Break Free” is a new site that AMD just opened. When you go to this site you get a splash screen that says “European Commission Reveals the Truth About Intel.” This seems to be a campaign against Intel regarding a “monopoly.”Now I don’t know enough about the hard numbers to say whether or not Intel is a monopoly or not, but I can say that they are much more dominant then AMD is.I suggest you head there and read some of the stuff so you can draw your own conclusions but I’ll throw some quotes out for you that they have posted.

“Intel extracted monopoly profits from the sale of microprocessors of approximately $60 billion in the period 1996 – 2006.” — Dr. Michael Williams, former U.S. Department of Justice economist (Aug. 2, 2007)“It may rub some people the wrong way to give a single vendor credit for anything, but without AMD there would be no price pressure on Intel, dual-core processors would still be a year away and the low-cost powerful desktops and servers from Sun, IBM and HP that are on the market today would still be on Intel’s 2007 product road map.” — eWeek “10 Thankful Things in IT for 2006” (Nov. 22, 2006)“[Intel] has spent billions of dollars on ill-fated forays in both computing and communications…Its predicament is so serious that it is cutting $1 billion in costs and may sell unprofitable parts of its business.” — The San Jose Mercury News (June 11, 2006)

AMD Break Free

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