2.33GHz Intel Wolfdale Gets Benchmarked

This upcoming Intel processor won’t be out for another few months but HKEPC got a hold of one and benchmarked it.

The Wolfdale chip itself features a 2.33GHz clock speed with 6MB L2 cache and a 1333MHz FSB. Specs sound pretty amazing and the performance isn’t exactly a revolution in most tests however isn’t any slouch.

Many benchmarks were run but the most dramatic increase in speed is in the Divx 6.6 Alpha w/SSE4 1080p Mpeg2 to Mpeg4 test where it saw a 115.63% increase in performance over the Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 (2.33GHz/4MB L2/1333MHz FSB). In all of the other tests the new chip was getting about a 10% increase in performance over the E6550.

The temperatures and power consumption is gosh darn amazing as well consuming 59W of power at 37C under load compared to the E6550’s 83W at 49C.

You can see all of the benchmarks of the processor over at HKEPC. The website isn’t in English but you can still read the tables.

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  1. My E6600’s cool….until last year, that is. 😉

    Honestly, this whole new-processor-range-every-month dance is driving me nuts.

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