NES Emulator for the iPhone

So you will now be able to play Super Mario Bros. on your iPhone. I don’t know why you would want to, the input for the iPhone doesn’t exactly lend itself nicely to a regular platformer game. When playing the game you have a touchscreen controller, seems to me you would be a little clumsy playing this way.

“Presently there is no sound, and the emulator is a little slow (most likely due to the way I’m drawing onto the screen). And the control is a bit iffy (using an image of an actual controller, while cute, sucks).”

Here is a video of the emulator with links underneath.

iPhoneNES [via Gizmodo]

Update: The application has been updated to speed it up and is available at the link above

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  1. that’s frickin awesome. is it incredibly slow? do you think people will accidentally hit their iphone screen as hard as they used to hit the buttons on the controllers?

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