Links of Interest 8/7/07

Medison reveals more details on $150 Laptop – “To say the least, Sweden’s Medison has attracted a fair bit of skepticism with its promise to release a…” [Engadget]

DefCon 15: video of NBC “Dateline” mole fleeing premises – “According to DefCon staff reports, NBC DATELINE producer Michelle Madigan attended this year’s… [Boing Boing]

Treo 800p Live Spy Shots – ” PalmInfocenter has obtained a set of live cameraphone spy shots of what could be the Palm Treo 800p. The standard blurry… [Palm Info Center]

AMD 3GHz Phenom it does not flee – “HERE AMD seems to be showing off some of its chippery in a caff in Japan the 12th of August, which is called the “Glorious… [theInquirer]

AMD’s Opteron hits 3.2GHz – ” “AMD has no answer to the armada of new Intel’s CPUs.” “Penryn will be the final blow.” These two sentences have been showing… [AnandTech]

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