Apple Event Tomorrow

There is an Apple event tomorrow that will be talking about Macs in Apple HQ up there in Cupertino.

I figured I would throw out some speculation and let you all know what I think will end up happening at this event. I don’t have any inside information and I haven’t been talking to any drunken Apple employees at a bar (mostly because I live approximately 3,000 miles away). However since I am a blogger and I pay attention to all the Apple news I feel it is my duty to come up with some Apple rumors about what will happen tomorrow.

  1. Updated Mac Mini with similar specs to the the MacBook.
  2. Updated iMac with a complete redesign and similar specs to the MacBook Pro, discontinued 17″ model.
  3. Demo of Leopard showing off some new features.

Now you can take these with a grain of salt because I made them up however it is still possible that I am some type of oracle and can predict the future. There is absolutely zero proof that I am an oracle however stranger things have happened (I would give an example but at this time I can’t think of one).

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