3rd Pary Apps on the iPhone

At WWDC earlier this summer, Apple told developers that there wouldn’t be any SDK for the iPhone and no support for 3rd party apps. Since the iPhone was released hackers have been banging their heads on it trying to get 3rd party apps installed on it, they didn’t want to code Web apps for the phone they want true third party apps. So they have had a bit of a breakthrough a few days ago.

The first 3rd party native iPhone app has been released and is available now over at Google Code. The application is a terminal emulator for the iPhone.

“MobileTerminal.app is NOT an SSH client, nor Telnet for that matter. It can however be used to execute a console ssh-client application.”

This is the alpha release of MobileTerminal for the iPhone. It is a fully functional app which wraps your shell on your iPhone(requires the arm binaries for the phone to be installed). It can ssh to your computer back home and all kinds of other cool stuff you can do with Unix, and launches right from your desktop.”

Links to a couple other 3rd party apps after the jump

That wasn’t the only app that has been created for the iPhone, Eric Sadun over at TUAW has created a iPhone text editor with only 30 lines of code. You can even download the source code to take a look at it yourself. [TUAW – Journys inside the iPhone’s SDK]

Yet again Eric Sadun from TUAW has figured out a way to make a iPhone screenshot utility. It creates pdf documents and with some scripts can even be set up to take a screenshot every X seconds. [TUAW -iPhone screenshot utility]

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  1. Hackers don’t spare anything !

    I’ll be happy with the Iphone getting hacked and supporting 3rd party apps because I haven’t still purchased it ;)

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