Links of Interest 08/02/07

Hidden Application in iPhone ROM – “Some hacker while ferreting through the iPhone firmware found a few undocumented programs lurking unassigned…” [UneasySilence]

Sony views silver lining on PS3 cloud – “In a quotation that could have been written by Sony satirists the world over, Sony CFO Nobuyuki Oneda has told…” [theInquirer]

Compile WINE on Mac OS X Tiger – “The WINE is more practical than ever on Mac OS after the Apple Inc. shifted to Intel platform. There was Darwine (maybe…” [Alan Tan]

EMHz Tech Tip: Loading multiple drivers via USB in Vista Install – “Windows Vista brings one very welcomed change in the install process of this highly…” [ExtremeMhz]

DailyMotion video hub turning heads in Hollywood – ” LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – A Web site looming large in the shadow of YouTube is getting…” [Reuters]

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