Back from Vacation

So as you all might have figured out I’m back from vacation now and I’ll be blogging like I normally do.

I want to tell you a bit about it though because it has a lot to do with technology. It was a 6 hour drive to Pittsburgh, PA from my house and I didn’t drive, I’ll say that the iPhone came in handy so many more times then anyone could imagine. Not only was it my only connection to the internet for 2 and a half days but it also was my directions in circumstances going to Pittsburgh and on the way back.

So the iPhone was my only connection to the internet and that was totally fine with me, I was still able to moderate my comments and reply to comments, read my email and reply to it. I also used it to listen to podcasts that weren’t even on my phone by streaming the MP3’s, works great.

One feature of the phone that isn’t talked about all that often is the Google maps feature. Possibly the most useful feature in the phone. On the way down the person who was driving missed a turn and we didn’t realize until we were about an hour past it, but that’s ok because I pulled out my iPhone and found us a new route in the matter of minutes. We also missed a turn on the way back home and used the iPhone to navigate our way back to the road that we needed.

The iPhone has come in quite handy in the short time I had it and has saved me from having to ask for directions a bunch of times (man do I hate asking for directions).

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